Creating bundles mwitu


Creating bundles mwitu

Is this possible? Yes, it is. Some may think this is a hoax, a lie, etc. But let me teach you today, free of charge.  In this post, I will teach you on how to create bundles mwitu by tweaking your phones IMEI. Please remember to like, comment and share our page. Thank you.Yes, to create bundles Mwitu you need the following.

NOTE: Remember to backup i.e. copy the original IMEI of your phone so that you can change it after the process. Do not continue using the new IMEI you generated.


To create bundles Mwitu you need the following. The required android apps are now available. You can download them below.

  1. CPU-Z download all
  2. Mediatek device e.g. Techno, Infinix, etc.
  3. Imei Analyzer 
  4. ToolHero Or
  5. MTK app  (alternative to ToolHero) [/sociallocker]

An IMEI is a number that appears when you dial *#06#.
Safaricom and Airtel use an IMEI to give out bundles. For example….353675072851621 was an IMEI for 1gb…
You can test it and also yours in the IMEI analyzer. (The first 10 digits, in red, are valid so you can use them).


Well by the end of these articles, you will successfully learn how to tweak IMEI for both sim cards and also how to carry out the tweak in an optional method that is typically more effective than the method we`re used to.
To change your IMEI, you must first have THE FOLLOWING;
-Your phone must be an Android device
-Your phone should be Media-Tec powered e.g. TECNO, INFINIX, etc. (though sometimes this even works for other types of processor phones.
These are the basics,
Now let’s head over to the procedures;
1. Get a genuine IMEI and erase the last five digits of the IMEI, copy the remaining ten digits
2. Open the IMEI analyzer app and copy paste the ten digits on the entry box…now guess four random numbers that are in close proximity to those of the original IMEI. click the Analyze button. The analyze button makes the application to calculate the missing 15th digit which is usually a check digit. Thus it makes you generate a valid IMEI (logic-wise/i.e. a mathematically correct IMEI)
3. In this step you require an internet connection, data/Wi-Fi, to get the details of the IMEI and what phone is tagged on my IMEI 358429060001343 was tagged under INFINIX phone.
4. If you don’t have an internet connection, don’t worry, you can still proceed with the next step.
5. Copy the IMEI that you just generated and then open the tool-hero kit, head over to ENGINEER MODE>>MTK>>swipe over to CONNECTIVITY>>CDS INFORMATION>>RADIO INFORMATION>>for sim-card one, PHONE 1, for sim-card two PHONE 2>>you will see an empty type box written AT+ now type one letter and delete the same letter.
6. For those tweaking SIM1, click on the AT +EGMR=1,7,”” delete the last ” and paste your generated IMEI and close it with.”
7. For those tweaking SIM2, click on the AT +EGMR=1,10″”delete the last ” and paste your generated IMEI and close it with.”
8. Click on SEND AT COMMAND a, if the result is SEND COMMAND SUCCESS know that your tweak was successful, you can now restart your phone to a new IMEI
9. Now you can choose to either reboot your phone or turn it into airplane mode say for 15minutes.
10. After rebooting you can dial *#06# and see if your IMEI has changed.
11. If your IMEI has changed, you can happily log on to and redeem your bundles mwitu.

Note: You can only get the data package attached to the IMEI number. To overload/reload your sim card to bigger data packages read here and follow the procedure.


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