NASA is my brainchild, Mudavadi stole the idea Dida says

A few months after the opposition has unveiled a new political vehicle aiming at forming the next government and bringing National unity, as supporters cheer the new coalition it now sounds like a big shame. All in his years in politics, Mudavadi has never come across such an excellent idea for a grab – Just like grabbing a public property. And so the opposition has been chanting songs and calling for support when the idea isn’t theirs but stolen?
During a TV interview with Citizen TV, the TUNZA coalition presidential candidate for August 8th General elections revealed that the NASA coalition was his brainchild. Dida said that he had met with the Musalia Mudavadi and the other opposition leaders to discuss the forming a unified party bringing all Kenyans together – in which Ford Kenya leader failed to meet him. Surprisingly, the opposition leaders held meetings in private without his presence after he explained the idea and every time he called them for a meeting they never turned up including Musalia Mudavadi who repetitively promised to turn up but could not show up. To his surprise, months later, the opposition leaders invited him to launch NASA – a product of his idea which he was now being invited to spectated. He had to turn them down and decided to form a TUNZA coalition.
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In my opinion, what the opposition did was unfair, and it shows the kind of leaders they are. They have been running all over the country chanting and preaching ‘peace’ which disunited and we Kenyans have been made to recite these songs of tribalism, greed, desire for power and to amass wealth. As Dida puts it, “When a politician goes to power they have three things to do: amass wealth to get what they spent during the campaigns, amass wealth to use in buying Kenyan’s for a re-election and castrate the potential leaders who pose as threats.” I subscribe to this ideology, and you can also agree with Dida, it is all about get what you spent, get more to buy Kenyans in future and frustrate, castrate potential leaders who can be a threat to your re-election. No politician can buy your vote, get to power and serve you. You received money in return for your support, and the deal ended when you cast your vote in their favor. Let us all change our mindset, change the way we think, vote new leaders.