KDF hit a group of Al-Shabaab till they surrender (Video)

Kenyan troops killed at least 57 Al-Shabaab fighters in a battle near Afmadow in Somalia on Thursday. The 8.45 am battle took place about 31 kilometers from Afmadow, where Kenya Defence Forces have their base.
“KDF soldiers operating under Amisom engaged Al-Shabaab militants at a location 31 km North West of Afmadow, close to Subow center using artillery fire and supported by helicopter gunships,” he said.

In a statement, KDF says they will remain vigilant to ensure the terrorists don’t pose any security threat to Kenya.
“Following the engagement, five technical’s were destroyed among other weapons,” a KDF statement indicated.
The militants have lately also posed threats to Kenyan soldiers by raiding their camps, where lives have been lost.
On January 27, Kenya Defence Forces KDF soldiers engaged Al-Shabaab militants following an attack at their camp in Kulbiyow town in Lower Jubba region of Somalia.
Heavy fighting ensued between the militants and KDF soldiers but they managed to repulse the aggressors during the dawn attack.

The opposition however and other Kenyans have been pushing the government to withdraw KDF from Somalia. Similarly, years ago when Obama came to power, in a press conference he called for the withdrawal of American soldiers from Syria. The ISIS had retreated into hiding sending an impression that they had been defeated. Not knowing plan by ISIS, Obam withdrew American soldiers from Syria with chants of victory while ISIS was in hiding training and re-organizing itself. Years later, ISIS came out, more organized, unstoppable, armed, deadly and no ear to listen nor could give it a second thought. It is then Obama decided to send the soldiers to Syria but it was too late resulting in the endless ISIS war in Syria. Does Kenya want to make the same mistake? I vote NO. Let KDF and AMISOm camp in Somalia, hit each terrorist until the last person who has thoughts of terrorism, hit their financiers, supporters, and sympathizer, camp in Somalia after victory until no voice of Al Shabaab can raise from the dead.Then they can call it the victory, otherwise, It will be another ISIS-like war. The government to put more resources on military personnel and operations, seek military support until Kenya and its borders are safe. What is your Opinion?