Finally, Alaine opens up, I love Willy

It is Saturday evening when Pulse calls Willy Paul for a scheduled
interview. From the other end, Willy Paul aka WillyMsafi picks up and
after hesitating a bit then speaks out.
He says that Alaine and him are getting ready for dinner noting: “She is
the best thing in my life…Did you see the photos…?”
Of course, we saw the photos of the wedding song video, even after
running the exclusive that the Fanya singer had flown in the Jamaican
singer to Nairobi for a private deal.
After a little intervention, Alaine takes to the phone to confirm that
indeed the two are together and that they wouldn’t mind joining the
Pulse crew for a dinner treat. It never gets better, as far as
exclusives are concerned.
At this time, these two are at an uptown residence where everything has
been happening since the Favourite Boy singer landed here about a week
ago. In an hour, they drive down to South B were we are waiting.
“I have come to Kenya many times and I have worked with many people but
there is something just different about this visit. I feel more at home.
I feel so in love. I have found my Wafula,” Alaine goes on. Willy Paul
nods on.
Asked if he felt the same for her, Willy Paul says: “You have been
following the conversation and so you know my stand. I have put it out
there for everyone to see. This girl is special,” he says referring to
his social media posts in which he alluded that Alaine and him are an
item. Asked if this was not just a publicity stunt, he said: “If I was
pulling a publicity stunt, would she also be saying what she is saying.
Haven’t you heard it from her?”
This talk-of-town story about Willy Paul and Alaine warming up to each
other has caught everyone flat-footed. Is Willy ‘possessed”? Has Alaine
truly found a Wafula? This is not fiction…The drama continues even as
their new video I Do drops.