Best Telegram Channels and Groups to Join

Here is a list of the best telegram groups and channels to join. Telegram is one of the best android application. If you don’t have the app please go to the play store, download and install otherwise friends will laugh at you if they realize. With Telegram, you can download movies, series, songs, newest and latest music videos, read magazines and newspapers, make friends from all over the world. A football fanatic? Get odds for international games and sports from al over the world and more. JOIN before it is too late.

  1. USIKU SACCO  #Team Mafisi –
  2. JOIN for Adult content, No under 18, Free hookups, dating, partner and lover match, free s*x, free everything. Joining links is here





  1. NASA vs. JUBILEE – Join and discuss everything about National and even county politics. Tag a friend. No hate speech, control your anger, Ignore anyone who tries to provoke your anger. Here is the Link to join is here
  2. THE LINKS – Advertise, Buy, Sell, Get Inspirations, read novels and motivational books for free. Join here
  3. FASHION STARS (Recommended for ladies) – Join and get latest and trending news and updates about fashion, hairstyles, dresses, shoes, makeup, nail polish etc. Join here
  4. Healthy Living – Live a healthy life, eat and drink healthy, new recipes and dieting. Click here:
  5. Businesses and Advertisements. Largest online market on telegram, Advertisements for small and medium businesses, Buy, Sell and advertise  Join
  6. Laugh Industry  Commedy, fun and humor, hilarious quotes, stories, videos and photos for fun. Click here
  7. Official Biz Kenya – Run business adverts, get news and updates on online marketing and money making opportunities.
  8. OFFICIAL ONLINE WORK PLATFORM – Update and educate users on online working platforms, scam alerts, blogging, how to make money online.


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