Earn over KSh 10,000 Weekly, withdrawals every Friday.

Publiclikes is a revolutionary Social Media marketing platfom which pays users on Pay-To-Click basis. Despite the platfotm receiving negative publcity from fake bloggers, it has survived and thrived well for 3 months now. The platform has also updated its policies and terms of service so as to avoid negative Publicity and also increase its reliability. For those who feared for their money, you can now invest since it has been upgraded to SaaS service. You can read more on how SaaS platforms work. Publiclikes has also increased the number of earning activities such as introducing Daily and Weekly Jackpot among others. To earn KSH 10,000 every week all you need to do is as follows.

  1. Click this link to register your account.
  2. After registering, while logged click on Pay by Mpesa.
  3. Follow the steps and send KSH 4,500.
  4. Go to settings and Upgrade. https://kenya.publiclikes.com/register.aspx?u=283956
  5. View your ads every day. You will earn 250 daily.
  6. Click on referrals on your account, then tools, copy your referral link and share with friends and family. Ask them to join Publiclikes using your link. It is very easy and convenient. You can also refer them to read this post for more information and Publiclikes’ FAQs. Link
  7. Ask the friends and family to upgrade.
  8. You only need 15 referrals to upgrade from which you will earn 100 from each, that is 1500 per day from referras. Plus your 250 makes it, KSH 1750 daily.
  9. For 6 days you will earn 1750*6 = 10,500 per week.
  10. Wow, Go ahead and register now. https://kenya.publiclikes.com/register.aspx?u=283956

Attached below are evidence of earnings. The service works in other countries like Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and Egypt.


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