A list of scam Sites

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Here is a list of Scam sites.We will be addding more websites to the list. Most of the websites’ domain expire and they are never accessible later or they are closed. This websites are majorly meant to drive traffic, steal personal information, email harvesting for malicious purposes such as spamming, hacking and other illegal uses. Avoid them.

  1. https://www.anziakenya.co.ke – A big scam, don’t join
  2. hotlogo.net
  3. BlackOption.net
  4. bie9.vomdengi.top or kubdengi.top – Some website in Russian, claiming to pay in rubs. the referral link domain is always varying, avoid it.
  5. Developdollars.com
  6. popcash.net
  7. dollarsinjob.com
  8. Dollarsplug
  9. Piplogo.net
  • RapidUsd.com
  • Dollarcell.com
  • Dollar2refer.com
  • Dollarjob.com
  • Dollarnize.com

and many more sites that promise to pay you bitcoins or $2500 per week. That is a scam, how can you be paid $2500 per week, seated and referring people to do nothing? Avoid wasting your time on those websites.