Academic Writing Tutorials (Download for Free)

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You may be an upcoming academic writer/freelancer or an experienced one. You still need to polish your skills, learn new things on academic writing. Here are pdf files, tutorials for academic writing. Free downloads, enjoy reading and equip yourself with more knowledge and skills.

  1. Sample Paper in APA


  1. sample_paper_MLA


  1. integrating sources


  1. Outline sample:


  1. Formats Presentation


  1. using grammar


  1. Importance of Annotated Bibliography


  1. Writing_Guide

If you are a new writer, that is you want to venture into academic writing/freelance, you will also need basic knowledge, skills and fundamentals of Academic writing. Some writers also may not be having this fundamentals, that is how the whole thing works. The Guide Below is a full tutorial guide with all the fundamentals and basic skills you need to venture ino academic writing, this include, how it works, writing accounts, how to get an account for writing, how to get a reliable employer, Writing formats, disciplines you may specialize in, Mistakes to avoid as an new writer and much more. you can also read our previous tutorial on things to avoid.

This Full Guide is premium and you will be asked to pay for it,

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